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The Authentic Leader Show

Mar 3, 2022

Leaders who attend my Delegation Master workshops learn about delegation so that they can make room for higher-level thinking.

But, sometimes these same leaders have gotten overeager and go beyond what they are actually able to delegate. When over delegating key responsibilities that the leader can’t delegate, it creates a real problem for the leader that can be hard to recover from.

Because when a leader crosses that line, the leader’s earned credibility and influence erodes. I want to keep you from delegating more than you are able to and ruining your earned influence as a leader.

Preventing erosion of your leadership from misguided delegation can be shown through examples. These 6 examples that I am going to share today are not comprehensive. In other words, I’m not saying, “If you don’t delegate these things, you don’t have to worry.” Rather, these examples are to get you thinking about other similar things that you can’t delegate.