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The Authentic Leader Show

Jun 26, 2019

* Ric's 6-step model to avoid, reduce, or mitigate the negative effects of unintended consequences.
* How a leader can recover when their team has lost faith in them as the leader because of a history of making bad decisions.
* We get very clear about who on a team is responsible for culture.
* What Ric has found that...

Jun 19, 2019

* How, if you lead a team, you are already delegating whether you mean to or not.
* The delegation evolution with your team.
* I'll outline each of the four phases of delegation.
* What single determinant causes you to move to the next phase of delegation.
* Stories of struggles my leader clients have had...

Jun 12, 2019

* A lot of fun stuff like the crazy early band names that were tossed around before settling on his band's name to his stories working with Taylor Swift, The Zac Brown Band, and Jon Bon Jovi.
* The two rules Jack's band does not compromise that has a been a foundation for their long term success and ability to...

Jun 5, 2019

* His extraordinary story with his daughter when she spent over 90 days in the NICU and why that early experience helped lead him to his role today.
* What is the key intentional difference about leading in this industry compared to other industries.
* How designing an intentional culture helped establish a hiring...