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The Authentic Leader Show

Feb 26, 2020

* Kim explains why she squelched her passion for photography and what caused her to finally embrace her passion.
* She explains what a "Headshot Party" is.
* What Kim says everyone should do at the minimum when uploading your first headshot online.
* Kim asks her clients to identify and share their "Three Words", so Kim...

Feb 12, 2020

* What I call the 5 major routines you do every day.
* I'll share examples of the actions many people have in these routines.
* I even share specific examples of the actions I have in my current routines.
* I'll share step-by-step, how you can evaluate your routines and intentionally create your own routines.

Feb 5, 2020

* What Nancy uses to create a series of connections to put together a giant puzzle.
* What she describes as the biggest struggle for engineering companies which is not that different from other organizations.
* What Nancy has seen as the biggest change during her career in the engineering industry.
* She describes what...