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The Authentic Leader Show

May 27, 2020

* Brandon describes how routines have become a framework around how he builds discipline to decide what he will do and what he will not do.
* We talk about the differences between rituals and routines and we define them.
* Brandon shares what is included in his key daily routines.
* He also shares how he resets each...

May 20, 2020

* Stephen shares a practical way for visionaries to check-in with their audience and to rightly prioritize their myriad of ideas.
* How to have a sales conversation without a sales conversation. This is an extremely authentic way to sell to your ideal client.
* Stephen shares his theory about why people buy. 
* As a...

May 13, 2020

* Paul explains how he had a big failure with one of the biggest brands in the world and then the blessings that came afterwards.
* We talk about the obstacles in your mindset when determining your pricing.
* He explains what you may think your clients are buying, but they're not, and what they are really buying.
* Paul...

May 6, 2020

* Jeff shares how his 26 years in the radio industry has served him well in the podcast space.
* Where Jeff got his title for his Read to Lead podcast
* Jeff packs several book recommendations and you will want to check out the show notes page to see the full list if you don't take notes while you listen.
* He explains...