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The Authentic Leader Show

Jan 16, 2019

In this episode we talk about:

* Leading Village Bank through the other side of the recession. I love how he paints a picture of being in control of the ship.
* How he has been able to be confident when letting someone go and his rule for hiring when he comes across an "A" player.
* What Bill says is the hardest thing about leadership and what you have to give up when you are a leader. Bill says that leading is not about being free to be whoever you are.
* Bill tells a great story about a big mistake he made when taking over a project at his former bank and then what that big mistake meant to him when something similar happened soon after joining Village Bank.
* Bill shares a simple formula about TRUST.
and much, much more.

The last 5 or so minutes of the audio also changes. I had a technical problem with the main feed and the last few questions were captured by the phone I was using to record video. You can still hear it, but the sound quality clearly shifts.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:
* Book: Good to Great by Jim Collins
* Book: Extream Ownership by Jocko Willink
* Chesterfield County Chamber of Commerce
* Chesterfield Education Association (STAR Reading Program)
* People Solutions
* Virginia Credit Union
* Communities in Schools
* RVA Basics
* Book: The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand
* Book: Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach
* Book: Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis
* Book: The Source by James A. Michener
* Book: Total Leadership by Stewart D. Friedman