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The Authentic Leader Show

Mar 6, 2019

In this interview, you're gonna hear us talk about:

* The early days when the business only cleaned and serviced typewriters. Success in the copier business didn't happen until much later. 

* Sam shares what "Service First" means into the business.

* He speaks to why the business has a reputation for having employees with a long tenure.

* Sam shares some encouraging news about what procrastination does for you. Spoiler alert: It's a little funny and clever.

* He shares two of Norman Schwarzkopf's rule of leadership. After doing some research, I'm not sure the rule numbers are exactly right but they are definitely two of General Schwarzkopf's rules and they are very good. 

* Sam also shares what he learned from his father's leadership.

* We talk about the importance of communication and how miscommunication happens and how to fix it.

* And we discuss one of the most important attributes you must have in sales.

* and much, much more.