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The Authentic Leader Show

Mar 13, 2019

* Writing his two books and what was different about Neal's second book.
* The value of clarity and why it's worth spending time on clarity so that we can manage all that comes at us.
* The major downfall of how people deal with problems.
* Neal also shares what he believes is the most common challenge of creating a culture of execution.
* And, of the 4 principles of execution, what he believes is the key principle.
* Neal also shares two words that are often received negatively but says are critical when creating a healthy work culture.
* He also shares what a leader must do to achieve long-term success, and even shares the magic bullet for leaders to create motivation in others. I think you will like this answer.
* Neal also shares what he does every morning.
* We also talk about why August 5, 2003, was pivotal to Neal's current career.
* "Devoted" is a word Neal uses several times in this interview. You will pick up why this word holds so much meeting for him.
* Also, we talk about a leader's responsibility to "candor".
* and much, much more.