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The Authentic Leader Show

Dec 23, 2021

Success-oriented professionals are typically pretty good about annual planning. It feels good to be organized. It can also feel great to think and plan for success. It also creates momentum and energy.

But, in January and February, your personal success plan begins to fail for a few key reasons. You miss some key and necessary components to carry your momentum through. You figure out your process for planning as you create your plan. Or, you haven't allocated enough time and attention necessary to create a solid plan.

You don't know what you are missing and wonder why you aren't creating the success you planned for. Your plan ends up disorganized and your priorities end up being sacrificed when very urgent and important issues surface in the reality of your work. You may have started your plan but at some point you announce, "this is good enough" not knowing if your plan really is good enough or not.

If you've ever had the habit of making annual plans but then honestly look in the mirror and have to say to yourself, "I'm not much farther than I was last year at this time", then this is for you.

I said earlier, that planners often miss some key and necessary components when planning for next year. Not everyone misses the same things. Everyone reading this post or listening to this podcast recording probably does one or more of these very well. But, today you will hear at least one or several that will cause you to say, "I need to add or step up my game on that". I don't want you to be lost in January and February when you start losing your momentum.

I love working with professionals to not only build their plans but also to continue the momentum that they create. I encourage you to comment below or DM me with your questions, challenges, and obstacles that keep you from realizing your success plan.

In today's episode, I'm going to share the seven components you need to successfully plan for next year.