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The Authentic Leader Show

Dec 14, 2018

I am the host of this podcast that I am calling "The Authentic Leader Show". Thank You for checking out this page.

Some people who don't see themselves as leaders. I believe there is a spectrum of leadership and everyone is somewhere on that spectrum. If you zoom in enough on that spectrum, you will see that no two people are at exactly the same place. It doesn't matter where you are on the spectrum. What matters is that you see yourself as a leader and have a desire to grow through your positive influence on others.

There is someone reading this page, who is a single parent, taking care of their family, working two jobs. You can't say that they are not influencing their children and the people who are witnessing their demonstration of commitment to their highest priority. 

Someone reading this page leading a multi-national corporation with operations around the world. Traditionally, most would recognize that they have a large influence on the population that they impact.

If you associate with either of these examples or somewhere else on the spectrum of leadership, this show is for you. It's for you if you recognize where you are now in your leadership journey and have a desire to improve. This show is for you if you have a desire to improve the lives of the people that you influence.

I have found that when you are true to yourself and the people you lead, you are authentic in the way that you lead and as a result create followers who want to follow you.

Throughout my decade's long career, I have experienced good leaders who people want to follow because of the person they are and how they lead. I have also experienced bad leaders who lead through their authoritative title, intimation, and demands. 

I bet you have also experienced good and bad leaders. I have also been a good and a bad leader and have had to learn through trial and error, research, training, reading and other resources, what it takes to lead effectively. . . what it takes to lead authentically.

Leading Authentically is leading in a way that is true to yourself and the people you lead so that people want to authentically follow you. This show will provide content that will help you to learn leadership and management principles, high-performance tools and, productivity tips. 

This podcast season will start out with previously recorded Authentic Interviews which were events I held with a live audience. These interviews are with prominent leaders who share their stories of leadership successes and learning.

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I am an avid podcast listener and primarily listen where it is difficult to take notes. That may be you too. So, each episode will have a "show notes page" where I will include links to resources mentioned in each of the episodes. You can find complete archives of all episodes at

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