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The Authentic Leader Show

Aug 26, 2020

* His story about how being stressed lead to him writing a book.
* How saying that you are busy, actually over inflates and unknowingly deflates your relationships.
* We deconstruct inhibiting beliefs and how to replace them with empowering truths.
* What busy people have a hard time doing.
* What productive people do...

Aug 19, 2020

* We talk about Micah's TEDx performance where he explains a word I've never heard, "prana".
* Micah shares an important life message that he shares with the kids he works with which equally applies to adults. He's also a volleyball coach.
* Why living without pain may not be good for you.
* Of the six instruments Micah...

Aug 12, 2020

Here are some highlights, you will hear in this interview:
* How going on 95 blind dates has helped Steve in his networking for business strategy and how this strategy and mindset can help you too.
* How he re-branded himself after 30 years in one industry to now a career in a different industry.
* Steve's got some...

Aug 5, 2020

In this episode:
* We talk about Natalie's early start as a solopreneur and then her mind-shift moment that it took for her to establish a very strategic team.
* Natalie shares the intentional culture she has purposefully created and how part of that culture helped to create flexibility during the work-from-home period...